Hello, new WordPress!

WordPress finally releases a new version of their platform.  Building from ground up, it’s based on Javascript, Node & React libraries.  There’s also a OSX client for easier blogging.  This post is a test of that statement.

Ooohhh, drag-n-drop image works!



Hello Google Doc to WordPress

A common complain from wanna-be blogger is that authoring with WordPress editor is an awkward experience at best.  I personally have not blogging much because I was looking for a less-painful way to create my posts.  I simply do not think it’s reasonable to spend up to a quarter of post creation time to publish to WordPress, if you want to include any images or videos.  So today, I'm trying out a new way with the Chrome add-on Publish to WordPress.

Here’s a sample image to be published from my Google Docs to WordPress blog:

Schooled by a barista

Sometimes life lessons come at you from unexpected places.  This time it was at Sunday at church but before the service, I was in the courtyard getting my morning caffeine fix from the full-service coffee bar (yes, this church can afford two of those which might makes an interesting post on its own, but I digress).  When it’s my turn, I lazily ordered “yeah, just give me what that dude in front of me had”.  The barista stopped me :

“I can give you that but you should know, you can really have exactly what you want.  It makes no difference to me since I get paid the same anyway and they paid me pretty well for this.  So, let me ask you again.  Do you really want what he had?”

I turned a little red but smiling: “OK, you’re right.  I want a mochacino”

He confided “I’ve been doing this for more than 15 years and most people don’t want what the people in front of them had.  just how people are.  I know you’re trying to make it easy for me but don’t worry about that.  I’m happy to be here to provide what you really want.  Thanks for coming by.”

I also thank him, for more than just a mocha.

Trying out PixelPumper for offline blogging

I don’t like the WordPress online editing flow.  Too many steps to upload images, taggings, etc.  These steps put more friction into the blogging process which is already hard to get started as it is.  I was on Windows and the Windows Live Writer is great.  Now I’m on Mac, and it’s hard to find the equivalent.  My latest attempt is PixelPumper, which seems promising.  I need it to :

  • allows update to blogs
  • easy management of photos.  I should be able to just drop a photo into my post and it should stay roughly where it is on live website.
  • quick to set categories and tags
  • nice to have : hotkeys for common tasks
hmm…doesn’t seem to have:
  • sub-bullets

Blogging workflow with Evernote, WordPress, and Zapier

Since I’m very familiar with Evernote and WordPress, I was looking for a way to leverage the easy editing and backup features of Evernote to update my blogs.  I was hoping Zapier provides that bridge.  Unfortunately, Zapier only publish new Evernote notes on WP.   I need updates to sync between the two apps also.  Until that happens, this avenue is a dead-end.

Hello world!

We apologize for all this mess.  We’re upgrading this site and will be back as soon as our web dev wake up from his drunken stupor to actually do some work.  Just kidding, we’ve got him locked up until this site is sort of done.  Thanks for your patience and understanding and, please, stay tuned!


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Yeah, I grew up in Vietnam, reading a Belgian comic about a cool gunslinger in the US Wild West, and that’s the inspiration for my name.  :)

I like to share what I’ve learned and interesting things I’ve came across.  Topics that might catch my eyes including how to use Mac & iPhone smartly, parenting, fitness, and how the world works.  I also follow morbid topics like addiction and celebrity gossips, I know, forgive me.  Oh yeah, I’ve also wrote a few tutorials on Hadoop, Big Data, and data processing.

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